Fractured Flowers by Gavin Mears - an Australian Owned business specialising in hand made potpourri
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News Letters

STOP PRESS! We don't have a copy of the very first newsletter, so we are offering A REWARD! Anyone who can send in to us a copy of the first newsletter can claim $100 worth of stock with their next order. So, if you have this newsletter, please contact us!

Newsletter 2 - The Hiccups Strike Back

Newsletter 3 - Another Once off Newsletter?

Newsletter 4 - Lord of the Potpourri

Newsletter 5 - A Potpourri of Genres

Newsletter 6 - Kill Bills

Newsletter 7 - Desperate Store Lives

Newsletter 8 - The Newsletter 8

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Fractured Flowers is an Australian business which specialises in shells, shell decor, home decor, potpourri oils, potpourri mists and hand blended potpourri of the highest quality.