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Suggestions, Hints and Tips

No this is not a Newsletter; you've already received your 2006 Newsletter by now. Those who read it all are the ones shaking their heads at me. Those who have no idea what I'm talking about can catch up online in the Newsletters section, on those quiet days. I get asked for suggestions all the time. On this page I have tried to recover from last trade fairs memory files the most FAQ, and then given some suggestions.

These suggestions are not exclusive of other ideas, do not remain the intellectual property of the suggstor, and in no way infer, confer, proffer, or defer your, my, or their rights, obligations, responsibility, or implementation onto any party thereof aforementioned or otherwise. They are just suggestions.


For selling by the scoop I suggest displaying our potpourri in timber hatboxes. These can be stacked to minimise room, and you can cover them with lids each night to keep the fragrance fresh. Always have a couple of scoop bags prepared, but most customers will want a fresh scoop. We cost the scoops on our size, filled as high as possible, plus a little extra.

Other ideas are terracotta planters, lined baskets, or in air-conditioned stores, glass can be used but should be covered at night.


You can add that special touch to shells for your customers by carrying a small range of potpourri mists. This gives your customers a choice and you can scent their purchase on the spot. Low cost customer service to give you an edge.

Decorator Packs

It is a good idea to have 1 bag opened and in a large platter or vase to show your customers their ideal usage. Whether scented or not, displayed in a nice container will add impetus to sales of my packs and suitable display holders such as vases, platters, bowls, boxes, and I'm sure other imaginative containers.

Fragrant Oils

Our oils do not contain alcohol so can be used safely in burners, lamp rings, sprayed onto bulbs, and in the bath (however we strongly discourage males from this as cinnamon can leave a burning sensation and most males seem to think cinnamon is a good idea for them. Try Sandalwood) A good idea is to put a few drops in a saucepan of water and simmer. Also suggest that customers pour a few drops onto a rag and place in dryer to freshen up clothes after storage. A few drops in a vacuum cleaner bag can freshen up rooms as you clean.

The Potpourri Mist is a better idea for refreshing potpourri and shells as much less is used and gives wider softer coverage and does not stain flowers or other botanicals. Misting fly screens and light bulbs can fragrance a room for weeks.

Bamboo Poles

look better if staggered height, so prop up some on branch balls or paper at bottom of vase. Looks more natural if poles are varying heights in your display. We strongly discourage the use of bamboo poles on children or customers. Bamboo reeds are much lighter for that and still give a good thwack sound.

Mobile Phones

Should be turned during cinema experiences. Always offer to help those around who seem to be unable to find the off switch.


We update the website with new products as they come in to stock. So you may find new items on there weeks or even months before they are released at the trade fair. Keep it in your favourites and check regularly for updates, specials, mini newsletters, jokes, and maybe even the odd TV or DVD review. (No movie reviews, as I can't stand mobile phone usage in cinemas).

Paying Accounts

We strongly encourage this practice, and even use the old political adage. Pay early, pay often. Well ok, maybe just the first part since double payments cause problems for our database. But early to on-time is greatly appreciated. We accept Bankcard (if anyone has this anymore), VISA, MasterCard, and now AMEX as well, all at no extra charge. Chqs and EFT too.


It is a good idea to stock not just the inexpensive branch and sig-id balls. A nice bowl, platter, or vase filled with branch balls looks great, but add a feature or 2, such as a laminated sphere, or twig or rush sphere and it looks even better and gives your customer a finished décor piece. Add a bundle of décor twigs to match, and a nassa shell sphere, or other vine ball like Havanna Gold or Abaca sphere and your customer can buy a finished feature piece all at once. Just like I display at the trade fair, and that catches many an eye, or pair of.

Increase Sales

If you have a website then add our URL on your suppliers page. The public cannot order direct from us, and prices are not listed, but they can view our range and then ask you to order things for them. Our entire range is then on display to be ordered by your customers with no risk of lost sales to you, just the chance to sell more products, since we know you can't carry everything in your store.

Free advertising

We are offering free web advertising for all customers. What we need from you for a free link or a free ad is one of the following. Email me your URL for a free link on a page where the public can find their closest stockist.

Email me photos of any displays featuring our products. Doesn't have to be just our items, but our products need to be featured. We will have pages of these photos with your store details included. A link to your website where applicable will also be provided. Also great for giving your customers ideas on complementary purchasing.

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